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CYBERKSA is a professional IT security firm, providing highly targeted set of security services, including but not limited to: Penetration Testing, Vulnerability Assessments, Security Assessments, Digital Forensics, Incident Response, Source Code Analysis, Security Awareness Training and others. By focusing on practicality, CYBERKSA helps organizations achieve a high level of security in all major levels, from the lines of source code to the minds of the IT staff behind the systems. CYBER KSA has built a reputation as the best business security integrator among a growing list of market leaders. Our clients have come to rely on CYBER KSA as a trusted, expert partner for IT security solutions that support business goals and adapt easily to meet evolving business needs through IT Security services. Our focus is on our clients, but our vision is always looking ahead. At CYBER KSA, we recommend and implement business security solutions that meet your immediate needs while embracing the next generation of it security technologies. By keeping you in front of theIT technology curve, we bring you the cutting-edge in security services while protecting your long-termIT technology business. .

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When was the last time your organization tested its infrastructure for security issues such as insecure configuration, outdated software, or default passwords? Is your organization aware of all the assets and devices inside its networks? Is your organization aiming to comply with an information security standard such as ISO27001? All of these questionsRead More

As opposed to Penetration Testing services, a Security Assessment is performed through the perspective of a security administrator (rather than a hacker). In many cases, organizations do not prefer to employ penetration tests because of a myriad of reasons (such as legal, service disruption concerns, or budget). In this case, aRead More

Has your organization ever been hacked, and wanted to know the extent of damage hackers did to your systems? Have you been asked by authorities to produce evidence for hacking attempts to, or even from your organization’s network? Do you notice strange activity on your network and systems, and suspect that it Read More

Let us help you verify your applications from the inside. Source code lines and API calls are carefully studied and analyzed for security problems or any potential vulnerabilities. According to Gartner, 90% of vulnerabilities exist within the source codes of applications, buried deep within the the workstations of developers, and outRead More

No matter how expensive or complicated equipment and software can get, the most important asset in the organization is the human element. Employees at all levels, from Executives to Developers and Customer Support, are all part of the same environment; and security decisions made by anyone can affect most ofRead More

Penetration Testing is the process of intentionally hacking and attacking your own network, web applications and organization, for the purpose of checking how secure your assets really are. Attackers have no regard to your organization’s internal policies, the trustworthiness of your employees, or the expertise of your technical staff. OnlyRead More

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